Mindful Silence Needs Wisdom

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

In the face of provocation, staying silent might be the most immediate appropriate thing to do, not to escalate a situation.  Sometimes, maintaining composure and refraining from reacting impulsively to a provocation can be enough to momentarily de-escalate a situation.

A moment of silence can be helpful in recollecting ourselves and bringing awareness to emotional states before responding to a situation.  Using a mindful pause as an emotional regulation strategy can potentially help down-regulate emotional conversations, potentially defusing an argumentative trigger that could escalate a situation (Koster et al., 2023).

From this point of view, taking a silent pause.……….. You can read the rest on the substack “Now About Meditation” by clicking below.

Mindful Silence Needs Wisdom by Clayton Micallef

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