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Embedded Post Right Now, Is My Life by Clayton Micallef “When it comes right down to it, the challenge of mindfulness is to realize that ‘this is it.’ Right now,

In answering the question if mindfulness practice can lead to an embodied wisdom, it is best to start with the foundation of why we practice meditation.  Primarily we meditate to

The analogy of two farmers is a story explaining how cultivating mindfulness as an open quality of awareness in our everyday life can be of help.  This post is a

A large-scale study found that Universal School-based mindfulness training did not appear to improve students’ well-being or mental health (Kuyken et al., 2022).  Previously research had indicated that students and

There are times when we might feel as if we are at the mercy of thoughts and our minds. Join me on Insight Timer in a workshop where we will

The basis of meditation practice is familiarising ourselves with the mind, how easy it is to get lost in compulsive thinking, noticing such and gently bringing the mind back to

Following is the podcast of the conversation between Spiritual Blogger and Author Vasundhra Gupta and Clayton Micallef discussing the questions; What is and is not meditation? Is meditation suitable for

Our sense of self refers to a set of characteristic and personal attributes that we feel define us.  It is made up of what we see as those set of