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In the face of provocation, staying silent might be the most immediate appropriate thing to do, not to escalate a situation.  Sometimes, maintaining composure and refraining from reacting impulsively to

Reconciling with the past might be one of the most challenging things to do.  Because of this, we might bring unresolved and unprocessed emotions and situations from the past into

Peter Doobinin argues that love needs agency, commenting, “Our ability to love is determined by the decisions we make to act in a certain way. When we surrender our decision-making,

Thich Nhat Hanh comments: “The true declaration of love is, ‘Dear one, I am here for you,’ because the most precious gift you can give to your loved one is

Once, when asked about his secret to peace and contentment, meditation teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti famously replied: ‘I don’t mind what happens.’ Upon initial reflection, Krishnamurti’s answer about his secret to

“The more we’re living at odds with the truth, the more we suffer. The more we live along with it, the happier we are.” – by Lama Tsomo In the

Sister Dang Nghiem comments that, “It is entirely possible to create new, mindful, positive habits. This is certainly possible with the practice of loving speech and deep listening toward ourselves.

During meditation, practitioners are usually instructed to either sit with a lowered soft gaze or close their eyes.  We discussed this in a previous article on “Meditation: Eyes Open or