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Is this good bad or neutral? Most of the time, we go through our days judging our life experiences, the people we encounter, ourselves and our actions.  So I asked

Impermanence is also known as the philosophical problem of constant change. Reflect nothing remains the same and everything is in continuous flux, even your breath from moment to moment is

It’s not the first time that thousands of academics united to urge people to take action on climate change.  Personally, I agree with the scientists.  I don’t think that at

Mindfulness is the first step the vehicle through which we become mindful.  Mindfulness is like a light that shines out in the dark, allowing us to become mindfully aware of

“A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind” (Killingworth & Gilbert, 2010, p. 932). This was the concluding statement of a study on

When someone does you wrong in life, do you keep holding onto it or try to forgive.  But what is forgiveness?  Is forgiveness an exercise which benefits are for the other person

Have you ever heard the story of the lotus flower growing out of the mud in the lake? It is a myth about the seed of compassion which lies dormant

In the first and second article of this three-part series, we looked at what might be the cognitive processes at work in attentional and constructive meditation practices.  We saw that