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The Cultivation of Awareness

Do we need to engage in an active cultivation of awareness as a farmer cultivates a field?  Or more specifically what is one of the motivations behind why I practice

A matter of Heart and Mind

Is compassion a matter of heart and mind?  When I pose such question to myself the first thought that comes to mind is how linguistically heart and mind are connected. 

What is Meditation?

Have you ever asked yourself?  What is Meditation? As a practitioner, I have been asked this question many times by persons interested in starting meditation.  I like to bounce such

Happiness and its causes

Do you seek happiness and its causes?  In our lives, we probably all seek happiness and its causes.  Likewise, as we seek happiness, we would also like to be free

meditation thoughts and concentration

Sometimes during meditation, our thoughts and concentration seem to be at odds. At times no matter how hard we try to concentrate on the breath we still get plagued by

Notre Dame - What Should We Do?

It was by no doubt terrible to see the Notre Dame turn into a blazing fire. Such monument which stood up as a symbol of gothic architecture for nearly 800

Fuelling Hatred and Fear for Political Gain

As modes of transport and communication advance, they inherently make the world a smaller place.  Many times, we hear news of “the American dream”, “the prosperous EU”, “a new life

compassionate leader

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Arden paid for the groceries of a mother who forgot her wallet at home.  Asked why she responds with a genuinely compassionate smile because she