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Is “The Middle Way” Important In Meditation?

Why is “The Middle Way” important in meditation?  In a recent blog post, we looked at the possibility that mindfulness practice follows an inverted U-shaped curve.  This means that there

Can Mindfulness be Too Much of a Good Thing

Can mindfulness be too much of a good thing?  As in recent years, we have seen a proliferation of mindfulness products and teachers, in what was called “the mindful movement”.

Why do you practice mindfulness

Recently I was asked by someone why do you practice mindfulness?  Personally, I do not subscribe to the notion that I practice mindfulness.  In essence, formally I practice meditation which

Unpleasant Meditation Related Experiences

Most of the research conducted on contemplative practices to date focuses on its beneficial aspects and rarely on unpleasant meditation related experiences (Goyal, et al., 2014; Sparby, 2017).  In fact,

The Two Farmers

The tale of the two farmers reminds me of when a friend asked me what is mindfulness?  His question was so spontaneous that it caught me off guard.  That day

The Cultivation of Awareness

Do we need to engage in an active cultivation of awareness as a farmer cultivates a field?  Or more specifically what is one of the motivations behind why I practice