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In the first and second article of this three-part series, we looked at what might be the cognitive processes at work in attentional and constructive meditation practices.  We saw that

In our second blog on our search for the one called God, we finished with the prospect that we can find God within us, in the good around us and

The nurturing of virtuous qualities has been a common endeavour of various philosophical and contemplative traditions (Eifring, 2015; Gethin, 1998).  Constructive meditation practices were one of the methods developed and

In our first blog on our search for the one called god, we finished with the question.  What, or where is the God that Christians believe in? And last month

Meditation and mindfulness practices have been a subject of research for both cognitive and neuroscientists.  In recent years research in such area has gained traction towards trying to understand the

In the Search Of The One Called “God”.  If you were simply to Google “Spirituality” you will quickly realise the wide world out there that looks at spirituality in so

Have you ever gone through a situation in your life and thought what if I could turn back the clock of time?   This question of turning back the clock of

I put forth the question on social-media do the experiences we have and share make us who we are?  Such a question spontaneously emanated as a consequence of my personal