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We can all agree that pain is an unpleasant feeling. Because of this, researchers are on a constant search for pharmaceuticals or psychological behavioural intervention to help with the symptoms

Mindfulness has been extensively used as a psychotherapeutic intervention for persons facing emotional distress because of a medical condition, and a recent literature review on mindfulness and infertility problems published

The word gratitude comes from the Latin term “gratus”, which means “thankful, pleasing.” Therefore, in its simplest form, to be grateful is to have an appreciation and express thankfulness and moral

Stress can drain our mental resources, and during challenging times we can end up stuck in our habitual patterns of reacting.  Because of such repeated patterns of responding, we might,

The United Nation urges us that we need to – fight climate change like coronavirus – with the same resolve and determination we are showing in the fight against this

With the WHO finally calling the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 a global pandemic, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation and tiring times.  As suddenly with such statement, the

While researching online, I came across research articles arguing how meditation can help in ending “the cycle of violence” and help achieve world peace through the cultivation of mindful awareness

Frequently I think of world peace as the absence of war.  But is it? Let’s consider the prospect that all the countries in the word agree to reduce their armies