Distorting Reality: The Power of Truth

Photo by José M. Reyes on Unsplash

“The more we’re living at odds with the truth, the more we suffer. The more we live along with it, the happier we are.” – by Lama Tsomo

In the words of Lama Tsomo, when we deny or distort reality, we create inner discord that inevitably leads to suffering. This discord arises from the dissonance between what we deep down know to be true and the façade we present to the world. It erodes our sense of authenticity and inner peace, leaving us feeling fragmented and discontented. Conversely, embracing truth in all its forms — both pleasant and challenging — can potentially foster a sense of harmony within ourselves. Living in alignment with truth means accepting reality as it is, without judgment or resistance. It allows us to cultivate genuine connections with others and allows for a deeper understanding of ourselves. In this state of alignment, we experience greater clarity, purpose, and fulfilment in our lives. Truth becomes not only a guiding principle but also a source of liberation and joy. Ultimately, Lama Tsomo’s words remind me of the transformative power of truth in shaping our happiness and well-being.

Reflection on quote originally published at https://now-about-meditation.com on May 31, 2024

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