Krishnamurti’s Secret: Not Minding

Once, when asked about his secret to peace and contentment, meditation teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti famously replied: ‘I don’t mind what happens.’

Upon initial reflection, Krishnamurti’s answer about his secret to peace and contentment seems almost flippant – “I don’t mind what happens.” How could not minding what occurs in life possibly lead to inner tranquillity? Such a response runs counter to the societal messages we receive about needing to control situations, accumulate accomplishments, and contort ourselves to meet certain expectations in order to find fulfilment.

However, Krishnamurti is pointing towards profound wisdom. By not minding, or refraining from reacting with excessive attachment or aversion to the constant stream of experiences and circumstances life presents, one can avoid becoming entangled in mental agitation. Peace and contentment arise from inside, through refusing to indulge in the perpetual desires for pleasant experiences and avoidance of unpleasant ones that form the root of human suffering.

This act of letting go, this understanding that all phenomena are transient, and the acceptance of what arises in the present moment liberates one from the endless cycle of clinging and aversion that ensnares the mind. Living life to the best of our ability, letting go of judgments or resistances that cloud the clarity of perception, and not minding what happens is the essence of equanimity—the bedrock of lasting peace.

Reflection originally published at on May 31, 2024

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