Meditation Conversations: Is Meditation Suitable for Everyone

Meditation Conversations - Is meditation suitable for everyone

Following is the podcast of the conversation between Spiritual Blogger and Author Vasundhra Gupta and Clayton Micallef discussing the questions; What is and is not meditation? Is meditation suitable for everyone, and if in certain situations or for certain people meditation might not work and practising it might result in adverse experiences?

Is Meditation Suitable for Everyone With Vasundhra and Clayton

You can visit and subscribe to Vasundra’s Blog here – My Spiritual Shenanigans – where she will further unpack our conversation in her upcoming blog posts, adding her thoughts and perspective to what was discussed in our conversation.

Vasundra is also the author of the book Homecoming – “A Spiritual Guide For The Awakened & The Awaking” – which you can find at the following link

You can also read further on the topic of is meditation suitable for everyone in our previous blog post on:

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