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Compassion Joining hands Today during my daily practice of meditation, a particular person came to mind.  I felt a deep sense of openness towards this person and what they are
Pat Dodson fought back tears today as he spoke these powerful words of support in both Arabic and Māori to the victims of Christchurch. His speech sums it all up,
In the beginning, meditation was an attempt to alleviate my suffering. In a regular dose, repeated again and again and again, it was an antidote to confusion and a troubled
As Karen Armstrong reflects that the golden rule (compassion) is at the basis of every religion and our common humanity. When we focus on such reality it results in unity
Human beings—rich or poor, East or West, educated or uneducated, man or woman—all have one thing in common: we all want joy and happiness in our life. —Interview with Lobsang
Clayton Micallef awarded National Order of Merit