Settling Grounding Resting – Live Guided Mindfulness Practice

Join Us For A live Guided Settling Grounding Resting Mindfulness Practice

In today’s busy world, there is an increasing desire to take time out, to find some stillness or what you could call mind space. The settling grounding resting mindfulness practice can help us in cultivating such mind space.

Join us for a live guided sitting mindfulness practice this coming Sunday, 30th May at 18:30 CET on the Insight-Timer app. In the session, we will go through the stages of settling the mind, then ground ourselves and resting in our experience. Then gently noticing how the mind will inevitably wander away, lost in thinking. When we notice that, we will gently guide the mind back to resting in experience.

The event is free. You can register and book your place for the session on the following link:

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